Public Policy Documents 

    A Subset of the Complete Collection

    In social sciences and humanities disciplines, the monograph format is an important form of scholarly communication.

    In these fields, thousands of authoritative, original monographs are issued in PDF form by public policy institutes, government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks, university research centres and other public interest groups 

    Without central organization, these important documents are often overlooked by students and researchers. On a daily basis our editors survey the sites of thousands of authoritative “grey literature” publishers, harvesting monographs representing the leading edge of research and opinion in all areas of Canadian public policy. 

    The Complete Collection includes these documents, currently numbering over 60,000 titles. 

    (This service supersedes and incorporates the Canadian Public Policy and Canadian Health Research Collections, which were compiled by CEL during the period 2005 through 2016 and made available on the ebrary/ProQuest platform. The contents of these collections now form part of the Public Documents service..)

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