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    ​​​ Standing Orders for Canadian Scholarly Publishers' Frontlist

    The members of the Association of Canadian University Presses release hundreds of new titles every year, which are vital holdings for academic libraries. Few of these new titles are included in the desLibris Canadian Publishers Subscription Collection due to rights restrictions. 

    This service provides libraries with all new titles from these publishers as soon as they appear at a guaranteed price, which is 10% lower than the historical list price. 

    These titles are provided under a Single-user perpetual access license.

    A standing order provides all titles released on desLibris by the publisher or publishers chosen after the order placement date. Titles are added to your account as they are activated in the service; they are also placed in your account’s Repository for download and local hosting. 

    To find and include all titles released by a given publisher which may not be in your library collection, use “Search” to find the titles and restrict the results set using the “Fulltext not available” filter on the Results page sidebar. Then use the Checklist view to create an order. More information here.











    Standing Order Price2










    1Average number of titles released annually in 2015-2017

    2Price based on average prices for 2015-2017, less 10% discount

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