Digital Conversion to Accessible Formats

    The National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) is an excellent source of information for publishers seeking to provide content to individuals with print disabilities. NNELS is a source of both accessible content for libraries and information for publishers, which will be found here. 

    The NNELS EPUB Accessiblity Checklist is the basis for the following table. All DAISY conversions by desLibris meet these standards.  

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    Example / Illustration

    Image Descriptions


    <img alt="Figure 3.1: Categories of Status in Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law" src="../Images/f0030-01.jpg"/>

    <figcaption><p ><span ><strong>Figure 3.1:</strong></span> Categories of Status in Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law</p></figcaption>


    Heading identification

     <header><h1 ><span ><strong>C H A P T E R 3</strong></span></h1></header>

    <header><h2 ><strong><span >A.</span> INTRODUCTION</strong></h2></header>

    HTML5 tags

    <div ><p>C A N A D I A N  L A W</p></div> 


     <nav epub:type="page-list">


    <li><a href="cover.xhtml#page_i">i</a></li>

    <li><a href="title.xhtml#page_ii">ii</a></li>

    <li><a href="copyright.xhtml#page_iii">iii</a></li>

    <li><a href="contents.xhtml#page_vii">vii</a></li>


     <nav epub:type="landmarks">



    <li><a epub:type="cover" href="cover.xhtml">Cover</a></li>

    <li><a epub:type="bodymatter" href="ch03.xhtml">Start of Content</a></li>




     <section aria-label="chapter3">

    Identify main Language and any Language shifts

     <html lang="en" xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">

    Identify Context Breaks


    <hr />


    Identify Page Title at the top of each file?

    <title>Refugee Law</title> 

    Accessibility Metadata provided in  ONIX form?

    See this file for a sample.

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">tableOfContents</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">alternativeText</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">printPageNumbers</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">readingOrder</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">structuralNavigation</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityAPI">ARIA</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityControl">fullKeyboardControl</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityControl">fullMouseControl</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityControl">fullTouchControl</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityHazard">flashing</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityHazard">noMotionSimulationHazard</meta>

    <meta property="schema:accessibilityHazard">noSoundHazard</meta>

    ePUB Readers 

    Accessible formats may be viewed/read with these apps:


    Adobe Digital Editions

    AZARDI Reader


    Most up-to-date ebook readers will render the ePUB3 DAISY format satisfactorily, although the read aloud feature will be available only in some apps.

    One suggestion:

    More information

    ePUB Checkers 

    Accessible files may be submitted formats may be checked here:

    More information:

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