The Benefits of Online Reading

    While downloadable PDF is a commonly-used format for monographs, the publication of PDF in the desLibris online environment provides many additional advantages.
    desLibris takes simple PDF to a higher level with an online environment built to support academic research.  Once monographs of interest are identified through a search, scanning to find titles for more in-depth reading is simple. Then any title may be opened and read online, with no download required. The table of contents view supports quick chapter-by-chapter navigation. "Search inside" provides more focused research.  And with an individual account any book may be personalized with bookmarks, tags and annotations. 
    The online reader in desLibris offers these features:
    Contents The Table of Contents in the online reader provides easy navigation.
     Search Inside Search any word or phrase in the book with contextual results.
     Hyperlinks Jump instantly to pages in the TOC as well as all page references in indexes and footnotes.
     Print Print within copyright limits. 
     Copy Copy any passage.
    Print ChaptersChapters are pre-coded for easy download.
    Text to SpeechAny page may be read with audio in more than 20 languages.   (Added November 2020.)
    The desLibris platform provides these ways of broadening research:
     Shareable links All titles carry unique persistent urls for sharing in email or social media, and previews are available to all.
     Accessibility Every title is accessible on any computer or device. with any browser.  No apps required! 
     Library-wide discovery The MARC record generated for every desLibris title simplifies integration with the library catalogue.
     Worldwide discovery Every title in desLibris is added to OCLC Worldcat for international visibility.
     Source availability Where available, the source url for every title is posted in the “Get this book” panel.
     Bibliographic dataUse "More Details" to find other books from the same publisher or contributor.
     RecommendationsUse “Related titles” to find topical equivalents.
    External searchUse this tool to build searches from text in the book to search engines like Google or CANLII
    A personal account on desLibris provides these additional benefits:  
    Copy any text passage in the book for instant citations. Any book or list of titles can be exported to citation managers. 
    Keep favourites together in folders organized with personal tags. 
    Personalize any title with your own annotations and bookmarks.
     Read Offline Use the Android and IOS reader apps to view bookshelf contents on your tablet.
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