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    Digital Conversion Services for Publishers

    dèsLibris offers guaranteed quality, rapid turnaround and low prices on ebook conversion without contracts, upfront payments or long-term commitments.

    Prices are based on formats required and pages in the original book. 

    Source files: PDF, InDesign, Quark or Word.

             OUTPUT FORMAT                                       DESCRIPTION                                                                               PRICE

     1 POD from PDF Provided Print on demand file formatted to Lightning Source/IngramSpark specs $ .10/page
    2 Web-Enhanced PDF PDF enhanced with navigational aids like bookmarks, tiered Tables of Contents and linked Index entries $ .25/page
    3 OCR PDF Add OCR Layer to image-based PDF    $ .60/page
    4 Fixed Layout ePUB3 + KPFFor Google, iOS, and Kobo + Fixed layout  KPF for Amazon - Kindle $ .45/page
    5 Reflowable ePUB2 + MobiFor Google, iOS, and Kobo + Mobi for Amazon - Kindle$ .45/page
    6 Reflowable ePUB3 + Mobi For Google, iOS and Kobo + Mobi for Amazon - Kindle$.70/page

    ​Accessible Formats *

    7 Accessible PDFPDF converted to DAISY standards            $ 1.20/page
    8 Reflowable ePUB3 with DAISY + Mobi  Accessibility features include full compliance with DAISY and WCAG standards as described below.  The Mobi format does not provide accessibliity. TTS Audiobook is not included in this option.. $ 1.00/page
    9Bulk Conversion:
    ePUB2 to ePUB3 DAISY **
    Convert valid legacy ePUB2 files to Accessible DAISY ePUB3 
    Simple: Primarily text; few tables or images
    Moderate: Images and tables included

     $ .33/page
    $ .40/page


    10 Discovery Package Includes
    Web-enhanced PDF, Reflowing ePUB3+Mobi,
    Fixed layout ePUB3 + KPF (Items 2, 4 and 6 above.)
     $ 1.12/page
    11Born Accessible***Includes 
    Web-enhanced PDF, Reflowing DAISY ePUB3+Mobi,
    Fixed layout ePUB3 + KPF (items  2, 4 and 8 above)
    (TTS Audiobook is not included in this option..) 
    $ 1.30/page

    ** These prices apply to ePUB2 created before 2020.

    *** This option excludes PDF because the DAISY Consortium considers ePUB3 to be a viable alternative to PDF.

    See this comparison of ePUB3 and PDF, which includes this statement: .

    "PDF can only be made accessible to persons with disabilities after time-consuming, expensive remediation has been completed. [Publishers] may decide to keep the delivery of PDF in place and elect to provide a Born Accessible EPUB 3 file alongside, which would meet their legal obligations for accessibility and give their customers a choice in how they read."

    Terms and Conditions
    • Prices are in Canadian dollars.
    • All prices are based on receipt of complete source files from publishers in PDF, Quark, Word or InDesign formats. Additional composition or layout work required to prepare source files may be subject to extra charges, which will be communicated for approval before work is done.
    • All deliveries will comply with any requirements in Kindle Publishing Guidelines for reflowable books effective on the date of delivery.
    • Conversion from hardcopy originals is available at the price of $ .25/page,. Shipping to the conversion faciiity in Chennai is not included. 
    • All fixed-layout ePUB deliveries include KPF, and all reflowing ePUB deliveries include Mobi. (KPF is Print Replica Kindle Package Format. See
    • Where a title is licensed by the publisher for inclusion in the desLibris collection, Fixed Layout ePUB3 is provided without charge 
    • Where content includes multimedia, formulas, tables or multiple columns, surcharges may apply. Quotes will be provided after receipt and assessment of source files, and publisher approval will be obtained before work is done. 
    • All conversion work is subject to a full satisfaction guarantee. Any work which is deemed unacceptable will be subject to a 100% refund. 

    ​* New: Accessible DAISY Formatting

    desLibris' conversion partner EBB Technologies is now offering conversion to an Accessibility format compliant with WCAG and Daisy standards.

    Working from PDF or InDesign from publishers, files delivered will adhere to these specs:

    • Files are supplied in the ePub3 format with all accessibility features included.
    • All files are compliant with 
      • Daisy's ePub Accessibility Specification 1.0 
      • WCAG 2.0 standards
    • Tables are captured as text. 
    • Accessibility-related coding is updated in all metadata files and HTML files 
    • Images bear the “alt” text where supplied by client.
    • Physical page numbers appear in navigation.html .
    • Physical page numbers are anchored.
    • Multimedia files are captured according to accessibility guidelines.
    • All deliveries are pre-validated against ePubchecker v.4.2.2  and Ace by Daisy

    The accessibility format may be ordered for any title in a publisher's catalogue by choosing DAISY from the list of conversion formats.  

    See More on Accessible Formats

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    More Details and Quality Guarantee


    Terms and Conditions

    EBB Technologies, as contractor to Canadian Electronic Library ("Contractor") will perform digital conversion for publishers (“Clients”) under the following terms and conditions. Using a private submission account, Client will provide input (“Source files") in PDF, Word, InDesign or hardcopy for conversion.


    Contractor will convert Source files to formats ordered and return completed files for review and approval by Client.
    If corrections or changes are required, Contractor will provide corrected files without additional charge.
    Subsequent correction rounds may be subject to extra charge.
    Pricing is shown at


    Where PDF or Word or InDesign are provided as source files, there are no ingestion charges.
    Where hardcopy is the source provided, shipping charges to Chennai at the responsibility of the Client.
    All prices are in Canadian dollars; minimum charge: $15 per title.
    New accounts pay 50% of the first invoice before delivery, but once credit is established, payment is on account.


    Delivery of converted files for orders of up to 10 books will take place within a week of Source file receipt.
    On orders exceeding 10 books, Contractor will begin rolling delivery of Approval versions within a week of Source file receipt.
    Changes/modifications/edits required by Client will be completed and delivered within three working days from receipt of change order.


    Files delivered will be compliant with current specifications for each format.
    Before delivery, files will be checked against the latest Parsers (e.g., the ePubChecker (version 4.0.2)) at the time of delivery and certified as technical error free.


    eBookBurner Technologies
    Plot No. 81, Door No. 17/6,
    Meenakshi Street,
    Dhanalakshmi Colony, Vadapalani,
    Chennai 600 026, India
    Phone: +91-9840424240


       FILE FORMAT                                                                                APPROPRIATE/APPROVED FOR

    Fixed Layout ePub file along with cover imageApple’s iBookstore, Kobo, and Google
     Fixed Layout KPF/KF8 file along with cover image Amazon’s KDP platform
     Reflowing ePub file along with cover image All platforms accepting ePub files
     Reflowing Mobi file with cover image Amazon’s KDP platform
     Enhanced PDF files All aggregators accepting PDF files
     POD PDF file Amazon’s CreateSpace, Ingram’s IngramSpark or any other POD supplier

    ​Quality Control for Accessible ePUB Creation

    The following steps are a standard part of the ePUB production process:
    • Insure that html tags are well-formed.
    • Check for tagging integrity and text integrity by matching against the source files
    • Validate all attributes present in XHTML files, and insure WCAG 2.0 compliance.
    • Check electronic Table of Contents for proper navigation.
    • Insure that all metadata information are captured correctly in the OPF document.
    • Insure that only the styles called in the document are captured in CSS.
    • Review the finished ePub file on target eBook reading devices.
    • Insure that Tables (if any) are captured as text.
    • Confirm that Accessibility-related coding is updated in all metadata files and HTML files
    • Insure that all the Images bear the “alt” text where supplied by client.
    • Insure that Physical page numbers appear in navigation.html.
    • Check that Physical page numbers are anchored.
    • Verify that all Multimedia files are captured according to accessibility guidelines.
    • Perform Quality Checks against our checklist to ensure consistent formatting and styles in the ePub are based on the styles used in the manuscript including headings, lists, tables, side-bars, block-quotes etc.
    • All files are validated against the latest ePubchecker version and Ace by Daisy before delivery.
    • All files are checked on target eBook reading devices.


    Overall, I’m very pleased with the service. Turnaround times are great, staff is always helpful and responsive, and the quality of the conversions is excellent.
    --Heather O’Sullivan, New Society Publishers

    “We’ve had the idea that ePUB conversion for poetry is expensive and error-prone. The work we’ve received from EBB has changed both these perceptions. We’re very pleased.”
    --Heidi Waechtler, Coach House Books

    “Great job at a great price. Just what we needed. ”

    “Great quality, very fast service, very professional, and quick responses to emails and questions. A great working experience all around.”
    -- Debbie Reber