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    Concurrent User FAQ

    How to Order

    1. Log in to your library admin account
    2.  Go to the Entitlements - Subscriptions tab in your account profile
    3. Select the collection/plan, term and payment method (Invoicing or Credit Card)
    4. Confirm your purchase

    The CEL eBook Store

    dèsLibris Store (d-Store) is an extension of the desLibris platform for the direct sale of books from publisher websites.


    For Publishers :

    • Public preview access to all titles
    • Full search inside
    • Usage tracking/analytics
    • Subscription sales support*
    • Strong DRM

    For Readers :

    • Preview before purchase
    • Instant delivery after purchase
    • Online access
    • Simple activation
    • Download to tablet


                                                                                        PARTNER                                                             PROFESSIONAL

     Setup Cost Free* Per-Title Fee
     Sales Commission to CEL 30% 10%
     Fulfillment by dèsLibris dèsLibris
     Subscription/Package licensing Not available Publisher-controlled**
     Revenue collection Agency EFT
     Contract? Not required One year
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    *For titles available for licensing through dèsLibris. Add titles for Store promotion only: $40/title.
    **Setup charges apply. Please inquire.

    d-Store is ready for use in Partner mode by any dèsLibris publisher without payment or obligation.
    After gaining experience, publishers may move to the Professional mode to enable subscription licensing models.

    Subscription Licensing

    The subscription or “limited duration” licensing model provides publishers with additional recurring revenue from existing content. Subscription offerings might be:

    • All books in a catalogue
    • Only backlist or frontlist
    • By series
    • By title

    Licenses can be sold to individuals, groups and institutions. The limited duration feature can be applied for courseware licensing. Pricing and subscription terms are publisher-set. Entitlement management is handled in the d-Store publisher dashboard.