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    The Basics

    The terms in bold are important to understanding how desLibris works. 

    desLibris is a “Platform” on which monographs from Canadian publishers and public document sources are presented in online form.  Publisher copyright is protected on the platform with digital rights management (DRM) on individual books and user authentication 


    All content on the platform is presented to the public in preview form, which offers the first 10% of the book for reading, but then denies access unless an account is in place.  Previews are also shown to library users where the title is not in the library's entitlement.


    Two “account types” are available: Library/Corporate and Personal.  Library/Corporate accounts support access for multiple users on the same account.  "Authenticated" or "Password-based" access options are available for these accounts.. These accounts also provide a "Dashboard" for account Administrators where “tools” for customizing and configuring the platform may be found.  Personal accounts are assigned to one individual only.


    Access to all or partial segments of the content on the platform is granted in return for payment.  The accessible segments are known as “Entitlements.”

    The desLibris platform is designed to host monographs and monographs in series,  but not journals, serials or periodicals. The monographs in desLibris are further classified into three categories. Books are monographs issued by publishers who have licensed desLibris as a library distributor. Documents are issued on the websites of governments and public or non-profit agencies to inform the public. Open Access titles are monographs which have been made available by their publishers under Creative Commons terms.

    There are two broad Entitlement categories, which might also be described as “License models:” These are Subscriptions and Perpetual Access.


    The Subscription model, requiring periodic payment, is offered for collections or groups of monographs. Subscription licenses are usually granted for unlimited use within the institution, but they may also be subject to a concurrent user limit (by title or by account, depending on the service.)


    The Perpetual Access model is available for single titles or sets of titles like Standing Orders. These are one-time purchases which entitle the library or purchaser to permanent access. Perpetual licenses are available with two main usage controls: single-user or multiple simultaneous user. Permanent access is guaranteed by the Repository feature, which allows library purchasers to download watermarked PDF for local storage.


    Where entitlements are granted to copyright materials, royalties are paid to copyright owners based on revenue from sales and usage. 

    ​Personal Account Features

    The Online Reader

    The online reader offers tables of contents, search inside, copying and printing.  Personal account holders may add annotations and bookmarks to all titles.

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    The Bookshelf

    Available to personal account holders, the Bookshelf is a place to keep "Favourites"  for access on devices through the Reader app

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    Search Aids 

    Searchng is granular and specific with the many options offered in Advanced Search including search in fulltext. Save search and search histories provide further user assistance.

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    The Checklist View

    While the "Thumbnail" view is the default, the "Checklist" view provides a convenient way to make an exportable list for personal use, getting quotes or purchasing. 

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    Download to Read 

    The "Dita Reader" app gives personal account holders access to the contents of your Bookshelf on both Android and IOS tablets. 

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    Personal account holders may "stack" permissions to access any book in the entitlement of  any institutional library or libraries of which they are members. 

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    Buy Books

    All books in desLibris are available for purchase under perpetual access licensing.  Use the Checklist View to get quotes and place orders. 

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    Suggest a Document

    Anyone may "suggest a document" for inclusion in desLibris with a simple form submission. 

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    The Content

    Complete Collection

    This is the full subscription package, currently containing over 18,000 Books and  60,000 Public Documents.

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    Irwin Law

    The full catalogue of Canada's leading law publisher, provided with tools to promote research.

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    Ulysses Travel Guides

    Spanning nearly 400 titles, this collection includes all titles issued by Ulysses to date, with new titles added as they appear. 

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    ​Frontlist Standing Orders

    Canadian scholarly publishers release hundreds of new titles every year, which are vital holdings for academic libraries. Few of these new titles are included in the desLibris Canadian Publishers Subscription Collection due to rights restrictions. 

    This service provides libraries with perpetual access licenses to new titles from these publishers as soon as they appear at a guaranteed and discounted price. 
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    ​House of Anansi 
    Non-Fiction ​and Poetry

    To mark its 50th Anniversary, the House of Anansi Press has released a collection of 220 titles from its non-fiction and poetry lists for library use. Including all titles in the Massey Lectures and Monk Debates series, the titles in this collection are works of lasting reference value from a leading Canadian publisher.  

    The Anansi Collection is available exclusively on desLibris.
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    ​Subject Collections    

    To provide specialized libraries with the growing body of content being delivered by desLibris in subject fields, “Subject Collection” entitlements are now available. These are subscriptions which deliver new Public Document titles to subscriber accounts on a daily basis as the titles are harvested. 

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