Canadian Magazines on dèsLibris

    Short Term License Agreement

    See Proposal

    Canadian Electronic Library ("CEL") desires to acquire the right to license the Titles listed below (the "Content") in digital format suitable for online viewing, printing and copying/pasting on a Hosted Service (the "Platform.")

    "Publisher" desires to grant CEL a license on the terms and conditions set forth below.

    Therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth below, CEL and Publisher ("the Parties") hereby agree as follows:

    • Publisher grants to CEL a non-exclusive, limited term, non-transferable license to provide multiple-viewer access to the Content through the platform available at www.dè 
    • This License is limited in duration to the period beginning on September 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2020, (the “Pilot Stage,”) at which time it may be terminated or replaced by mutual agreement between the Parties.
    • The Content (including without limitation, all cover art and other graphics and images provided therewith) will be provided on the Platform to libraries institutional customers who are bound by a Customer Agreement restricting resale or reuse. (See library agreement.) The Content will be provided as part of the standard CEL “Complete” subscription service, which is described here. There will be no extra charge to CEL customers  for the Content during the Pilot Stage.
    • The Platform will support online viewing for both licensed and unlicensed users ("The Public.")
    • All listings will display a link to the Publisher's subscription website.
    • The Content will be provided in Preview form only  (10% of the publication) to unauthoriized users.  
    • Licensed users (libraries and individuals) will have access to the Content in full.  No downloads will be permitted.
    •  Printing will be permitted but limited to 10% of the Content. 
    • CEL will create MARC records, indexing and other finding aids to promote library discovery and use.
    • CEL will provide Publisher with reports showing individual usage of Title(s) on the platform during the license term.
    • For delivery of PDF to CEL, Publisher will open an account at, and will upload to that account PDF of each issue released from January 2019 through September 2020 in a timely manner. 
    • CEL will obtain these files from the Issuu account, convert them to fixed layout ePUB suitable for online reading, and load these to the Platform for viewing within 2 weeks of file receipt.
    • Where an Issuu account is not held, Publisher will submit PDF of issues to be include to a designated site on desLibris.
    • CEL will provide Publisher with a secure publisher account including a Repository for the storage of PDF and converted Fixed-layout ePUB, all available for download to publisher storage.
    • All CEL services will be provided without charge to the Publisher. The only requirement which may entail expense to the Publisher is the cost of Issuu membership., although a free option is available.
    • Nothing herein shall preclude Publisher from displaying, publishing, distributing or transmitting editions of the Titles electronically, or authorizing others to do so, through systems and media other than CEL’s distribution channels.

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