Canadian Electronic Library has been transferred to Trojman Corporation.
    See here for pricing and further information.

    Institutional Pricing 

    Canadian Electronic Library is available on the desLibris platform by subscription.

    The “Complete Collection” includes all public documents and those books made available by their publishers for subscription licensing. New titles are added daily to the collection, which in mid 2019 numbers over 80,000 titles. More information on the Complete Collection here

    Institutional/library pricing is based on account type, population served (with discounts based on location and language.)

    To add desLibris to your library or corporate account, please open an account. 

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    When your account is in place, your profile will provide exact pricing for all available content based on your institution type and population served. 
    Orders may be placed here with one click on the Order/Trial button. The content ordered will be added to your account immediately with 30-day invoice terms, which allow for a free trial period. 

    Complete Collection: Canadian Books and Public Policy Documents

    ​​Special Offers Effective March 26, 2020

    To assist the library community in coping with the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following measures have been taken to help libraries offer wider selection and better service to offsite and home-bound students and patrons. 
    • User limits have been removed; all current subscription licenses have been changed to permit unlimited multiple-user access to all licensed titles. 
    • Subscription pricing has been reduced for the balance of the calendar year. 
    • The Complete Collection is available without charge to post-secondary institutions for the period March 26 through June 30, 2020.
      To apply for free access, see instructions below.

    The pricing changes noted below will apply to all new orders and renewals confirmed from March 24 until January 1, 2021. 
    New annual subscriptions will be activated upon receipt of order, but extended for renewal in 15 months, or July 1, 2021.

    ​​Subscriber Discount on Perpetual Access Licenses

    All current subscribers are entitled to a 10% discount on any perpetual access license purchase valued over $1000.
    The discount will be automatically applied to the invoice for any purchase made by a current subscriber.  
    Over 25,000 titles are available for perpetual access licensing. See this link for a full list.  

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    Academic Libraries

    Licensed Access  Per FTEMinimumMaximum
    ​ Unlimited Simultaneous Multiple Users$ 1.10$ 2,800$ 27,000
    One Concurrent User  per Title*
     $ .55$ 1,500$ 14,000

    Special Libraries and Corporate Accounts

    Access LicensePrice
    IP-AuthenticatedUnlimited Simultaneous Multiple Users$ 2,800
    IP-AuthenticatedOne Concurrent User  per Title*$  1,400
    PasswordOne Concurrent User  per Title*$  800

    * In this option, the single-user limit applies only to Books. Documents are licensed for unlimited simultaneous user access at all times. 

    Public or School Library Systems

     AccessLicense Per FTEMinimumMaximum
     IP-Authenticated Unlimited Simultaneous Multiple Users$  .10 / Cardholder$ 2,800$ 28,000      

    30% discounts on these prices apply to:

    • Francophone institutions in Canada
    • Institutions located outside Canada 
    Single K-12 schools using credit card payment may subscribe at Individual prices -- see list here.  

    Prices for Canadian institutions are expressed in Canadian dollars.

    Prices for international institutions are expressed in US dollars.

    Provincial sales taxes apply to sales in Canada.
    Discounts are shown on account profiles. 

    Consortium discounts: 5% 

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    Other Collections

    Irwin Law
    Ulysses Travel Guides
    Scholarly Press Standng Orders
    House of Anansi

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Free Access Available to Post-Secondary Libraries

    As a response to the COVID emergency, Canadian Electronic Library offers free access to the Complete Collection to any post-secondary institutional library  for the period ending June 30, 2020. 

    To activate the collection:
    • Use your administrative  password to access your Library account. 
      Open a new Library account if you don't have one
      using the form here. 
    • Go to the Profile (upper right, #1 below) and click on "Subscriptions." Enter Promotion code "COVID-FREE" in the promotion code window (#2).
    • Clicking "Redeem" will display a "thank you" message and activate the content on your site immediately.
      You will receive a welcome letter explaining the service. 
    This free access will be closed on July 1, 2020 or extended if the emergency continues. There is no obligation to continue the service after the expiry date, but your free library account will remain active unless/until cancelled. 

    As an alternative, to subscribe with a free 30-day trial for your library, use the "Start Trial/Activate" button on the profile (3.)
    This will provision your account with the Complete Collection, but will also generate an invoice for the amount shown as the price for your library type and population served. If the invoice remains unpaid after the 30-day period, it will be cancelled and the trial ended.