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    Canadian Electronic Library is available on the desLibris platform by subscription.

    The “Complete Collection” includes all public documents and those books made available by their publishers for subscription licensing. New titles are added daily to the collection, which in mid 2019 numbers over 80,000 titles. More information on the Complete Collection here

    Institutional/library pricing is based on account type, population served (with discounts based on location and language.)

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    Complete Collection: Canadian Books and Public Policy Documents

    Academic Library

    Access  Per FTEMinimumMaximum
    ​ Unlimited Simultaneous Multiple Users $ 1.10$ 2800$ 28000
    ​One Concurrent User  per Title*
     $ .50$ 1400$ 12000

    Special Library or Corporation

    Access LicensePrice
    IP-AuthenticatedUnlimited Simultaneous Multiple Users$ 2800
    IP-AuthenticatedOne Concurrent User  per Title*$  1400
    PasswordOne Concurrent User  per Title*$  800 

    Public or School Library System

     AccessLicense Per FTEMinimumMaximum
     IP-Authenticated Unlimited Simultaneous Multiple Users$  .10 / Cardholder$ 2800$ 28000

    *The single concurrent user limit applies to Books only. In all cases Documents are licensed for unlimited multiple user access.
    Prices are expressed in CAD; provincial sales taxes apply.

    Non-Anglophone institutions in Canada and institutions located outside Canada qualify for a 50% discount on the unlimited multiple user price.
    Discounts are shown on account profiles. 

    Concurrent User FAQ

    ​Irwin Law

    Access  Per FTEMinimumMaximum
    ​ Three Concurrent Users per Title $ .10$ 2500$ 6000
    ​One Concurrent User  per Title*
     $ .50$ 1500$ 3000

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