Canadian Books ​for Libraries
    OCUL Member Bonus Plan 

    Choose from over 25,000 books from 100 Canadian publishers for library licensing

    As a bonus for OCUL members, , all new or renewing desLibris subscriptions are granted a credit of 30% of the invoice amount (to a maximum of $3000) applicable to a renewal or new subscription starting in 2020. 

    This credit is issued upon receipt of payment of subscription invoices issued from Sept 1/19 through Oct 31, 2020.  The credit, which has no expiry date, may be applied to the purchase of perpetual access licenses from the desLibris catalogue or to future subscription renewals.

    How it Works
    Upon receipt of payment of an invoice for a subscription starting during 2020, a credit will be added to the subscriber's account to the value of 30% of the invoice to a maximum of $3000.  To use the credit, log in to your administrator account and search and select titles of interest.
    • Use the checklist view to add to your shopping cart and click "purchase." 
    • All titles purchased are added to your library account and made available to users immediately. 
    • An invoice is created and the current balance in your credit note is applied to the purchase.  
    • 30-day return privileges apply. 
    These terms permit administrators to add current books to library collections on a no-risk approval basis. 
    Browse the List Online

    A Sampler of Canadian Publisher Frontlists

    UBC Press

    McGill Queens ​University Press

    University of Toronto Press

    Les Presses de l'Université Laval

    CRKN License

    House of Anansi    

    Irwin Law

    Wilfrid Laurier University Press

    Download Complete Title List 

    Use the button below to download a complete list of the 25,000 book titles available for perpetual access licensing.
    In Excel form, the list shows pricing and license options available. 

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